Warranty / COD Policy

All Equipment Innovations machines come with an unbeatable 2 year replacement  warranty.

The first 3 months a new unit will be shipped upon confirmation of the tracking number . After 3 months a new or refurbished unit will be shipped. All warranty units can be shipped back COD (up to $50) with Canada Post using our account number 8237934. The customer will Pay for the shipping and Canada Post will send a Cheque once it is received by Equipment Innovations. 


The manufacturer's limited warranty is furnished from the date of purchase warranting the product to be free of material defect or workmanship. A new or refurbished replacement unit will be sent out when the broken unit has been returned or a tracking number has been provided.

After the warranty period in the event of product failure or malfunction, the purchaser shall return the defective/faulty product or component/part thereof to our designated repair facility for inspection. The faulty/defective product component/part will then be repaired or replaced (at our option). The repaired/replaced component shall then be returned to the purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for shipping and handling costs.

Certain items which are subject to normal wear and tear are specifically excluded from this warranty (e.g. consumables, tips, etc). We shall not be responsible for faulty installation, operation or maintenance of the product and as such. Damage resulting from failure to use the product in a manner consistent with our/manufacturer’s recommendations shall render the limited warranty void. This limited warranty specifically excludes any consequential and/or incidental damages.

We may provide technical assistance via telephone or email to the customer, it is virtually impossible to troubleshoot all matters via telephone or remote assistance. As such, the offering by us of any technical assistance is made without any warranty or guarantee and provided on an "as is" basis.

Although we will try to provide technical support remotely (via telephone/email), in many circumstances the technical issue/problem may not be resolved despite our best efforts. As such, the purchaser expressly acknowledges, as an express condition of this sale, that the customer may be required to consult a professional technician for troubleshooting/repair/start-up and that any such consultation, shall be at the sole responsibility of customer and the customer shall bear all costs relative thereto. All such costs shall be the responsibility of the customer and we shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses related thereto.

Return Policy 30 days

All returns or unclaimed COD will be charged shipping both ways and a $50 restocking fee. Any repairs or damage to the unit and/or attachments will also be charged to the customer.