Plasma Cutters

The PC-14 is our third generation plasma cutter. We have upgraded to a german made cooling fan to get the duty cycle up to 75%  it makes the PC-14 the most desirable unit on the market

All our units come with a unbeatable 2 year  warranty.

PC Plasma CutterPC-14 Plasma Cutter Product Specifications:

Model: PC-14

  • 50A Plasma Cutter (Air)
  • Uses Compressed Air needs 60-75 PSI @ 4CFM
  • Dual Voltage 110/220V 50/60Hz Auto Detection
  • Maximum Cut: 1/2"
  • ALL BRAND NEW Transistors/(MOSFETS)
  • Duty Cycle 75%
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Dimensions: 18.11 x 10.04 x 15.98"

What's In The Box?

  • 1 piece x Earth Clamp 12ft
  • 1 piece x Panosonic P80 torch 12ft
  • 2 sets consumables
  • Regulator & water separator w/ pressor gauge

Frequently Asked Questions About Our PC-14